Will I Need Planning Permission?

10 August 2018

In most cases your Homestead Timber Office, Summerhouse, Studio, Gym, Hobby Room, etc. will be allowed without planning permission approval under the permitted development rights to your property. The planning basics are as follows and planning permission can be avoided if,

  • 2m can be left from all boundaries in the case of a pitched (apex) roof.
  • Your building is made with a flat roof under 2.5m high which is possible with any of our designs

With regard to “outbuildings” Permitted Development states that outbuildings closer to a boundary than 2m need to be lower than 2.5m high drastically limiting the internal headroom. This is why other Garden Room companies offer the flat roof box style of building like our “Oxford” design, a flat roof under 2.5m external in height. A garden room higher than 3m-3.5m Ridge roof design like our Brighton, Richmond, and Windsor models have the following benefits:

  • An airier more spacious and less claustrophobic internal headroom.
  • The roof can have Velux skylights often crucial for art studios, gyms, hobby rooms etc.
  • Loft storage and mezzanine decks can be included.
  • A more attractive external tiled or shingled roof.
  • Ridge roof extra internal height.

So should you have any planning concerns or questions then please contact us.  Homestead Garden Rooms have 30 years extensive experience with planning applications. Let Homestead Garden Rooms manage all the required documents and drawings on your behalf.


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