5 Micro/Small Business Ideas Perfect For Garden Rooms

15 April 2019

If you’re looking to have a garden room for your small business, then Homestead has a variety of features to make it perfect for your business. Stuck on ideas? We’ve got a blog post on some business ideas.

small business garden room

Store Deck & Ladder

With any small business, storage can be an issue very quickly. With a store deck and ladder, you’ll instantly gain that much-needed storage space for any equipment or stock you may have.

Internal Partition Walls

An ideal garden room for small business needs to be versatile. Having internal partitions can separate the space into anything you want. Whether it’ll be toilets, meeting room, packing area or whatever your business needs.

WC, Basin and Electric Hand Water Heater

While it’s always handy to have a toilet close by it’s especially important if you’re dealing with children or the public. For example, childminders or a conference room would highly benefit from this feature.


Similar to the WC, it’s always convenient to have a kitchen station, but it’s particularly great for any cooking related businesses such as a chocolatier or a baker.

Those are just some of the top features we at Homestead can off to your garden room. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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