How To Maximise The Light In Your Outdoor Garden Room

10 August 2018

Getting the right amount of natural light in your garden room can be a tricky task but don’t lose hope check out our guide and tips below.

There are many benefits to having more natural light in your living space and outdoor garden room. The most obvious of these are the savings you can achieve with reduced utility bills. The more natural light you have in your living space, less lights you have to turn on, and the less electricity you use. Another benefit, also related to energy use, natural light can help heat your outdoor room too.

One of the best reasons to design your outdoor room with lots of windows is the health benefits gained through exposure to natural light.

According to medical researched health benefits of sunlight are;

  • Sunlight increases the level of endorphins and serotonin in your brain, which will leave you feeling much better
  • Increased exposure to sunlight can be effective against insomnia, premenstrual syndrome and seasonal effective disorder
  • Sunlight helps prevent diseases such as rickets in children and osteoporosis in both men and women
  • The ultraviolet rays in sunshine act as a natural antiseptic
  • Vitamin D is best absorbed into bodies through sunlight

So what are you using outdoor garden room for? Is it a multi-functional room, garden office, summerhouse, conference room or gym? all have different requirements on light. An office environment will not want light to reflect on screens, while a summerhouse would require soft light to create a relaxed Zen feel. While a gym will need as much maximum light as possible to keep energy levels flowing!

What time of day would you be in it? Take time to look at your site or garden which way dose the sun rise and fall. This will help you agree internal layout and agree where you like your windows and doors to be positioned.

What type of furniture are you considering? Think about your use, short windows allow for desks to sit up under while long wide panoramic windows are great for capturing views of the garden. Think about size of items and their colour to reflect the light comping in.

Style of Decoration? Keeping surfaces clear and minimising clutter will also open up your space to let light reflect off surfaces. Keep to light colours especially round windows. Creating the sense of space can be made simple when you keep lines clean, no clutter and limit colour.

What direction are you facing while in the room? Your position of your desk or sofa will make a difference. Working facing a blank wall will open cut out your view but reflect on your productivity. Having a sofa positioned facing your garden will give you instant sense of more space while encouraging you to take a seat and relax!

Light is also dependent on the building size, site location and building layout. So Home design and manufacture each building to your needs and use. We can tailor your space your way making it as individual as you.

Roof skylights are also an option for instant above light for detailed creative, craft or art work in a workshop. Consider adding full glazed double doors for extra source of natural light.

Each Homestead Outdoor Room or Commercial Building is designed and manufactured with all these elements in mind.

Follow these tips to let the light shine in;

  1. Mirrors. Place a mirror on a wall adjacent to a window or opposite a window. When placed adjacent a mirror will mimic the window and make it seem like you have more windows in the wall. When placed opposite, the mirror will reflect light and views from the window.
  2. Reflective surfaces like white furniture or kitchen units can bounce light around and give the impression of more light when windows are limited.
  3. Let the light in. Avoid heavy, light-blocking window curtains. Opt instead for translucent shades that provide privacy while allowing light into the space. This will even give a soft glow to the shade and bounce light into the wall directly adjacent to the shaded window.
  4. Internal cladding walls, white colour wash is best if your walls, but if you choose to decorate your walls dark, be sure to go with a slightly lighter colour on the ceiling. Colour wash is best or Matte paint while not reflective like glossy or semi-gloss is a good choice for reflecting light.
  5. Light fixtures, have them fixed overhead, track of spots are best to angle on to working areas, desks or dining tables, to create a softer atmospheres select mixture of tall and low lamps.
  6. Clean…Keeping fixtures, bulbs, and windows clean will let the light you do have shine its brightest!

So if your considering a outdoor room then let Homestead Garden Rooms design you the perfect space to maximize the light have.


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