10 Creative Uses For A Garden Room

12 March 2019

If this is your first time considering a garden room, you may be uncertain of all the differences and options available in each package. In this blog post, we give an overview of all of our garden room designs. Each design can be bought in either a ‘complete package’ (Homestead installs it for you) or as a ‘Kit’ (pieces are delivered for self-installation).

The Ascot Off The Shelf

The Ascot

The Ascot is a stunning Georgian-influenced design. Enjoy the use of your garden office in all hours and light conditions, as the functional veranda will shade you from even the brightest sunlight. With a fully-insulated and lined interior, you can utilise the room in even the coldest of weathers. Full-length double-glazed windows and doors allow a beautiful level of natural light throughout the day, with the option of adding in additional Velux skylight windows – all working together to create an atmospheric dwelling that will get your creative juices flowing.

Perfect for: Writers, professionals or hobbyists looking to strike inspiration with an idyllic desk and window view.

The Brighton Off The Shelf

The Brighton

The Brighton is a free-standing garden room styled as an orangery and designed to give maximum natural light to create a relaxed and ambient environment. The panoramic windows give unparalleled views and allow for a superior quality of light, atmosphere, and space inside the garden room. The building provides a distinct quaint charm that will enhance your property and compliment the landscape around it. The traditional building methods ensure a durable structure that will stand the test of time.

Perfect for: Entertainment room, Yoga Studio or Play Room which makes use of the light and airy atmosphere.

The Cambridge Off The Shelf

The Cambridge

The Cambridge is a picturesque garden room with Georgian effect windows, eloquent details, and a stunning dormer porch. The traditional design ensures a statement piece that will transform your home and garden landscape. The Cambridge is a highly versatile space, with multi-purpose uses. Internal partitions allow you to segregate the space into several multi-functional areas.

For the investment of one space, you can utilise its purpose for many different uses, such as a home working space, play areas, extending living area, retreats, outdoor function rooms for entertaining parties. With a higher pitch to the roof, the building has a spacious feel inside – making you feel completely comfortable even through long periods of use. With its internal partitions, the Cambridge can be reimagined throughout the year – providing you with a completely fresh experience each time.

Perfect for: Busy households or self-employed businesses that require a versatile space.

The Marlow Off The Shelf

The Marlow

The Marlow features full lining, insulation, and double-glazing and means that you can use the room comfortably through all seasons, making it a highly practical investment. As a retreat building, the Marlow provides a peaceful environment for which to reflect and indulge in hobbies such as writing or craftsmanship. The classical stylish exterior ensures that the garden room fits perfectly into your home landscape, blending seamlessly with idyllic garden surroundings.

Perfect For: Self-employed homeworkers and hobby enthusiasts, individuals who may be seeking some extra space to efficiently run a business or personal interest that has outgrown their spare bedroom.

The Oxford Off The Shelf

The Oxford

The Oxford is a unique garden room with a flat sloping roof – perfect for homeowners who may struggle to gain planning permission. At only 2.5 meters high, the Oxford can be positioned close to any boundary without the need for planning permission, granting homeowners the freedom to create their dream garden setting with ease. Although smaller than other garden room styles, the interior remains surprisingly spacious – meaning you can enjoy the use of the building as an additional living space or working area without compromising on comfort. Deep windows and double doors let in natural light to provide a comfortable atmosphere, with the doors opening out the building to the outdoors. Our high-quality specifications ensure that your design exceeds expectations, and provides you with a living space that will delight you and your family.

Perfect for: Those who usually struggle to get planning permission, or don’t need a large area.

The Richmond Off The Shelf

The Richmond

The Richmond is proving to be one of our most popular sellers. The modern design is inspired by a minimalist aesthetic, perfect for professionals and homeowners looking to expand their living space with a sleek and dynamic modern style. Panoramic windows allow for an all-immersive view of your outdoors, whilst full-length double-glazed windows and doors let in natural light throughout the day. An elegantly-crafted veranda allows for a cool and dry outside sitting area for you to soak up the summer weather, with plenty of space to install chairs and tables for an enjoyable outdoor experience. For those who desire a slightly larger outside leisure space, we can extend the decking area as required – letting you maximise on the area available to create your dream settings. 

As a modern take on our existing garden room designs, the Richmond is suited to innovative individuals who want to stand out. Optional features can be added to customise your model, creating a bespoke building that reflects you as an individual. These sought-after additions include Velux skylight windows, dormer feature and external paint and tiling solutions.

Perfect for: Those looking for a Home Office, Meeting and Conference Area or requiring more bespoke elements.

The Windsor Off The Shelf

The Windsor

As a popular and much-demanded style, the Windsor’s traditional design is perfect for many homes looking to extend their available living space tastefully. The increased roof pitch gives a spacious feeling to the interior and a clean, tasteful exterior aesthetic. The built-in veranda is large enough to utilise as an outdoor garden space; comfortably seating several chairs to bask in the warm sunlight and ensuring that enjoyment of your garden is maximised throughout the summer months. Elegantly-crafted, our manufacturing experts install your building with outstanding care – ensuring your garden room is built to last for generations to come.

Perfect for: Use as a luxury summer house or practical garden office.

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