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9 April 2019

Whilst our garden homes can be used all year round, a summerhouse is a very popular way to enjoy a garden room. Our garden rooms can be tailored with features to make full use of any sunshine! In this article, we list some of the features that will create the perfect summerhouse.



Generally, for a light and airy space, the more natural light – the better! We can install Velux opening skylights which will let in light into your summerhouse from above.


If you’re a fan of lounging in the sun, then getting a veranda deck & roof canopy is a must-have feature. The deck will extend your garden room and give you an excellent lounging platform to bask on. The roof canopy feature can provide you that welcoming shade without compromising on Sun.

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Panoramic Windows

Panoramic windows are taller windows that will let in lots of sunlight, bathing your summerhouse in warmth. These windows are also great to take advantage of any scenic views, whether that be your homely garden or the great outdoors.   

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Store Deck & Ladder

This feature will create a mezzanine type structure in your garden room. This is great for storage but can be a nice hideaway viewing area – especially if you put a window in.

So those are just a few features to consider to create the perfect summerhouse. However, any of the above features aren’t limited to just garden room summerhouses and can be applied to any garden room! If you’re interested in getting a garden room or any of these features, get in touch, and our expert staff will help you with dream garden room.

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