6 Leisurely Ways To Use A Garden Room

5 April 2019

A garden room doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Using a garden room as a place to simply relax and enjoy your garden is a perfectly sound reason to invest in one. So, put your feet up as we show you six leisurely ways to enjoy your home garden room.

Home Cinema

What better way to enjoy a film than on a warm Summer’s evening? With a garden room, you’ll have the space to dedicate comfy seating and the latest tech for the ultimate home cinema. Plus, with Homestead’s complete package all of our garden rooms include the connection to the electric mains, certified by an electrician.

She Shed/Man Cave

In one of our earlier articles, we mentioned a ‘man cave’ where space is dedicated to a collection of indulgent items. This also applies to the ‘female’ equivalent, the ‘She Shed’! Wherever your interests lie, having a place just for you to escape to is a great way to enjoy a garden room.

Hobby Room

A close cousin to the She Shed/Man Cave, the hobby room is a place to enjoy many creative pursuits. A garden room provides an excellent space to paint, draw, sew or anything else that requires a bit of extra room and storage. Plus being closer to the outside can be very inspiring!

Entertainment Room

For those more extroverted, having a garden room to share with family and friends is a wonderful way to spend the evenings in. Plus, our garden rooms can be fitted with a kitchenette so you can host all manner of dinner parties, meet-ups or celebrations.


Whilst all our garden rooms can be used all year round, lots of people love to be able to utilise their garden more so they can fully appreciate the fleeting British sun.

Home Gym

Some might not consider this activity particularly ‘leisurely,’ but many people enjoy exercising as a way to blow of steam and not just a way to lose weight. Save on gym costs and arrange it to your exact requirements with a garden room home gym.

So there were some examples of some leisurely ways to enjoy a garden room, let us know what you’d like to do with your garden room and get in touch. Each of our garden rooms can be designed to your requirements, so whatever you need our expert staff will be more than willing to help.

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