5 Top Indoor Sports and Fitness Uses For A Garden Room

18 April 2019

Indoor sports have the huge benefit of not being reliant on the weather. Combine this with the convenience of a garden room, and you’ll have a great way of keeping fit. There are lots of indoor sports and exercises to choose from, but we’ve selected just a few that we think would work great with a home garden room.

Sports Garden Room

Yoga Room

Create your perfect relaxing environment with a yoga room in your garden. A garden room can be a great blend of the outside and inside, creating a scenic and peaceful place to practice your downward dog. Our garden rooms are bespoke to your needs so we can fit panoramic windows to let in lots of light as well as have a whitewashed interior – perfect for a light atmosphere.

Dance Studio

With your dance studio, you can truly dance like no one’s watching! A garden room is excellent for practicing many different styles of dance. Just get a radio, a full-length mirror, and you’re set to go.

Sports Garden Room

Wrestling Area

A more unusual choice but a nonetheless great one. Wrestling is a great way to strengthen your core, and you don’t have to worry about knocking over the furniture.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a fun way to keep fit, and you’d be surprised how much running back and forth you’ll be doing. With dedicated space in a garden room, you don’t have to wait for members of the public to be finished like a communal table. Instead, get started immediately and stay as long as you like, plus, you certainly don’t have to worry about losing the balls.

sports garden room

Home Gym

No more commuting to and from the gym! With your garden room, your home gym is only a short walk to your back garden. Save money on expensive gym membership and have it exactly the way you want it. With Homestead’s complete packages, our garden rooms come with insulation and connection to the mains electrics so that you can use it all year round. What’s not to like?

Those were just a few of our favourite indoor sports that we think would be great for a garden room. Have you got your own ideas? Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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